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Roll Forming Line

DIVINE Roll Forming Line having modular design is the right machine considering your present & future business needs. Very low set up and tool changeover time makes it possible to produce 3 to 4 or more profile shapes on single line.

From Raw Coils to finished products, an excellent solutions for in-line operations like de-coiling, stock levelling, pre-punching, post- cutting, welding, folding, assemblies are available, considering the complexity of Job, P. L. C. or C. N. C. based automation are offered.

The versatile DIVINE Roll Forming Line has following advantages:
Highest out put speed up to 30-40 mtrs. per minute which results in at least 10-15 times higher production. -Maximum utilization of your investment.-
Practically any shape can be formed with uniform cross-sections
Any complicated or difficult shape profile can be formed on our Roll Forming.
Accuracy and Consistency in shape & dimensions can be achieved.
Reduced delivery period to meet your production needs quickly.
We develop Roll Forming Line & Roll Tooling on our most modern software up graded with our enriched experience and technology.
We have in house C.N.C. machining centers to produce roll tools with our own quality control and check.
All above advantages make us "PIONEER" and first choice of our valued customers from various fields like -
Automobile Industries
Road & Building Construction
Steel Furniture
Electrical Engineering
Interior Design & Decoration
Heavy Engineering
Storage System Integrators
Allied Engineering Industries
Type of Station
We offer range of customized solutions with various type of construction in Roll Former to meet individual customer's specific needs.
Pillar Station with Worm Gear Box Duplex Design
CKD Quick Change Type Sliding Base type FMS With CNC
auto size change
Single Purpose Low Cost Modular Station  
Tailor Made Roll Former
We design Tailor made Roll Former for specific need like Hydraulic Lifted single stage Roll Former for Transformer Radiator Plate, Sliding Base type Roll Former for Just in time size change over.

Hydraulic lifted Roll former for Transformer Radiator fims with PLC Based hydraulic lifting Rolles.


Wide Range of Uncoilers is offered to meet specific needs – Hydraulic or Manually expandable Mandrel, Single or Twin Head (Duplex) Type, Motorized or Non-Driven Uncoiler are available.


Roll Feeder
To get enhanced Process Advantage & Ultimate inline automation, we have full range of A. C. Servo Roll Feeders, Mechanical Roll Feeder, Pneumatic Gripper Feeders along with Hydraulic or Mechanical Crank Press for Pre Punching Operations. or Shear for Pre cutting of coil stock are provided.
Profile Straightner & Profile Cutting Press
Customized Profile Straightners & Hydraulic Profile Cutting Press with tailor-made dies completes the production requirements to achieve finished Roll Formed Profile from Coil Stock in single pass.
Channel / Stud, Roll forming line with CNC controlled profile size change over Width, Height & Lip size of channel is changed over in just 10 minute time, offering ultimate solution for the just in time change over Requirement.
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