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Cut to Length Lines

We have wide range of cut to length line to offer for wide variety of material. Cut to Length are offered in 4 basic versions and 7 different configurations.

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Narrow width Lines :
 Coil Width  : 100mm To 750mm
 Coil Thickness  : 0.2mm To 8mm
 Coil Weight  : 200 Kg. To 8000 Kg.
Wider Width Lines :
 Coil Width  : 1000mm, 1250mm, 1650mm, 1800mm, 2100mm
 Coil Thickness  : 0.4mm To 3mm (C. R. Lines)
   3mm to 20mm (H.R. Lines)
 Coil Weight  : 3 Ton – 28 Ton
Line Speed
We have exclusively designed lines for
 Low volume production  : 10 to 25mpm
 Medium production  : 20 to 35mpm
 Medium production  : 30 to 80mpm
Materials being processed on our designed Cut to Length Line are: 
Hot Rolled Mild Steel Coils.
Cold Rolled Mild Steel Coils.
Stainless Steel Coils.
Brass/Copper Coils.
Aluminum Coils.
C. R. G. O. /C. R. N. G. O. Coils(miter cutting lines for transformer industries.)
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We have designed exclusive line to cater customer's requirement from various fields like Rolling Mills, steel- processing centers, customers who installed line for their own products.
Success of real cut to length line lies in precise leveling & length measuring unit. DIVINE has wide range of sophisticated leveler to choose from depending upon material type, thickness etc.
For length measuring simple stopper type Device to C. N. C. servo controlled devices are available.
Coil Processing Lines are automated with latest AC Flux Controlled Variable Drives, AC Servo Drives, Digital DC Drives, PLC & best quality switch gears. User-friendly operator pendant with H.M.I. or Touch Screen are Programmed & Installed to customized each Line requirement.
We believe cut to length line is not only to cut sheets from coil but also to prepare raw-components-prepunched, Trimmed, Slitted & in some cases folded or roll formed. For above auxiliary operations, we offer modular units in our cut to length, which results in combination line & offers great advantage to customer as many operations are finished in one pass.
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